Scottish Scousers – Bill Shankly From Glenbuck

akhirnya dapet juga nii lagu , Versinya SCOTTISH SCOUSERS , tapi mantappp loh , gw ajj seneng minta ampun dapet nii lagu , dapet Lyricnya juga , apa gak seneng bangettt 😛
ya tapi gw tetep punya Prioritas , Yang Lain (Fans LIVERPOOL) kudu pada ikut punya nii lagu , Makanya gw share ajj deh , Download enggaknya itu mah terserah di Kalian Saja , Saya kaga memaksa 😛
ok ini untuk Lyricnya dulu , Perhatiin baik2 ya , rada susah bahasanya 😛


Twas on a cold December?s day
Back in 1959,
When a man came down from Hudersfield Town
To lead the Anfield line,
He bought Yeats from Dundee and St. John,
And the football world was shook,
This man he became a legend,
Bill Shankly from Glenbuck.

On the Kop we’d sway and sing

Till our hearts would burst with pride
And Shanks he made a pact with us
To build another side
With Keegan, Tosh and Steve Heighway
The great man kept his word
Then in ’74 he bade farewell
Our dear old Scottish Laird.

Now when Shanks was gone we sang walk on
But feared we?d walk alone,
The search was on to find the one
Who could fill the masters throne.
The one we crowned became renowned
Throughout the football game,
Three European Cups, six championships,
Bob Paisley was his name.

Now when Bob stepped down he left his crown
Inside his Anfield home,
Joe Fagan came and brought new fame
With a treble won in Rome.
Though the Heysel year left Joe in tears,
The following year he?d sing,
When we won the league and FA Cup
And Kenny was our king.

When he played in red Bob Paisley said
He?s the best he?d ever seen,
And the team he built in 88
Ruled the football league supreme.
And when Hillsborough left us all bereaved
And the Kop bedecked in flowers,
Kenny proved he truely was a king
In Anfields darkest hour.

Now the mantles being past to a man from France
And it’s Houllier we praise.
As the reds walk on, the Kops in song
And we savour glory days,
Days of ball to feet, of victory sweet,
Days of passion, guile and fire,
The legacy of one so great,
Bill Shankly from Ayshire.

Lyricnya udah , sekarang Tinggal Link Buat Downloadnya deh
Ok , ownload disini ya (di tempat lain mungkin kaga ada *Insya Allah)

Bill Shankly From Glenbuck.mp3

Ok , Sekian dulu , Jika berkenan , kasihlah Vote di 5 Bintang 🙂
Silakan Download sepuasnya , mumpung ada , jika ga ada dimana lagi Mau download 😛



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