Scottish Scousers – Anfield The Rare Old Time

yaps masih sama kayak artikel gw sebelumnya yang berjudul Bill Shankly From Glenbuck ini lagu susah di carinya , ya rada usaha dikit akhirnya dapet juga nii lagu 🙂 , Tapi kalian ga perlu susah susah nyari nii lagu , karena apa , karena gw udah siapin lagu ini Plus Lyricnya buat kalian semua Khususnya LIVERPUDLIAN/LIVERPOOL FANS/KOPITES 🙂 , so kalian tinggal unduh a.k.a Download heheheheh 😛

ok , ini gw kasih Lyricnya dahulu ya


Raised on Rush and Hansen
Heroes of the Red
A brave Attacking football that left the rest for dead
The Hallowed Turf and trophies
The Kops chanted Rhymes
Were part of what was Anfield in the rare oul times

Ring a ring a rosie
As the light declines
We’re a part of what was Anfield in the rare oul times

Standing on the Kop with friends
Singing, swaying too
Watching Reds with glory
But that was long ago
Now we watch in fear and anger
As money takes our game
And Anfield keeps on changing
Nothing seems the same

Ring a ring a rosie
As the light declines
We’re a part of what was Anfield in the rare oul times

McDonalds before Shankly
Reebok Carlsberg too
And though we still feel angry
Theres nothing we can do
On the pitch theres hope again
Off it still declines
We”re a part of what was Anfield in the rare oul times

Ring a ring………

But we gave our hearts to Liverpool
And there they’ll always stay
With a great undying passion
No money takes away
We’d live and die for Liverpool
But our hearts will always swell for
Shankly Paisley Fagan
And the old ground we loved so well

LYRICNYA UDAH , SEKARANG KITA MENUJU Untuk mendownload lagunya ya ,
klik link ini *klo mau copas , harap sertakan alamt Situs ini ya 🙂

Anfield The Rare Old Time



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